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Client Services

In addition to compliance matters like doing your BAS and your end of year financials, Auswild & Broad Pty Ltd can also help you with a wide range of other services. 

Computer Advice

We encourage our clients to utilise software programs within their businesses for record keeping and administration. The most popular software programs within our client base are MYOB, Phoenix and QuickBooks. With each of these programs, we have staff that can assist you with everything from the purchase, installation and set up of your files, through to coding enquiries, report generation, backups, training and troubleshooting. Depending on your needs and location, we can assist you on the phone, online or in person. When it comes to book keeping software, our main aim is to make sure that you have a program that works for you, that you feel comfortable with and that saves you time and money. 

If you want information on any of these products, please contact us. You can also visit the following sites for detailed product information.




Another program that has been very effective is BankLink. We have a large proportion of clients on BankLink and it is a system that works very well for small businesses who really only need a simple cashbook. You can click on the link below for more information on the benefits of BankLink.



We can help you prepare budgets and projections for banks, finance providers or for your own planning purposes. Budgeting is a valuable process that helps you to plan ahead, be prepared for cashflow crunches and set goals and targets for the period ahead. 


If you need assistance with obtaining bank funding or equipment finance, we may be able to assist you. Regarding equipment finance we can source and compare quotes presenting to you the best deals available, and helping you to make an informed decision. The consultant is also able to work in conjunction with your regular accountant to make sure you will be getting the very best tax effective finance package available. 

With regards to bank loans and finance restructures, we have useful contacts within all the major banks and can work closely with you to get the best result.

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