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Auswild & Broad | Our History

Established in 1929, Auswild & Broad Pty Ltd has an impressive history within the Temora community. We are proud of our heritage and thankful to all those people who have contributed to our business over the last 90 years.

History of Auswilds 

Auswilds commenced trading in 1929 under the direction of the founding principal Sir James Auswild. The Temora offices were the first opened - with additional offices in Sydney, Canberra, Cooma, Griffith, Leeton and Condobolin later trading under Sir James's control. These offices were broken into separate branches when payroll tax was introduced, and over time the individual managers took control of operations and firm names changed.

Auswilds remained a competitive force in Temora and Sir James and the Auswilds family contributed greatly to the community. Sir James was very proactive in the rural economy and among his many achievements was that he was the original commissioner of the former Rural Bank. Sir James also instigated the Rural Reconstruction Scheme, was the founder of the floorplan financing system for the motor vehicle industry and was instrumental in bringing Holden General Motors to Australia. He was involved in the industries of printing, freight, accommodation and hotels. The Auswilds family is now based in Sydney and are mainly involved in real estate. 

As the founder of Auswilds, Sir James was committed to providing quality service to all clients, and even after he left Temora in 1967, this quality of service remained. 

The Temora practice was then split unto 2 branches, one managed by Mr Shaun Brady, the other by Mr Frank Crutchett and later by Mr Leo Leahy; all of whom built upon the good reputation of the firm and instilled positive values of integrity and honesty. Mr Leahy retired in 1983 and Mr Peter George assumed ownership of Branch No. 3. Mr Brady maintained an active role in the business until ill health required him to retire in 1993 when Peter became the sole proprietor of the entire Temora branch.

Peter started working at Auswilds as trainee accountancy in 1970, and has over 50 years experience in accountancy. He built solidly upon the good reputation of Auswilds and his leadership and innovation saw the firm develop into one of the most progressive accountancy firms in this area.

The next change was the addition of Greg Durham and Andrew Parr to the partnership in April 2000, closely followed by the merger with another local accountancy firm JJ Broad & Co in July 2000. 


History of Broads

Mr John Broad Senior (also known as Jack) moved from West Wyalong to Temora as a clerk on the railway in 1929. In 1930 John commenced work with Sir James Auswild as a trainee accountant where he remained for the next 39 years. John’s son James (Jim) joined the firm as a trainee accountant in 1957 completing his degree by correspondence.

In 1966 Jim Broad purchased a local practice then known as Dibbs and Farrell and in 1969 his father joined him and together they formed J & J Broad Accountants. A few years later, in 1976 Jim purchased Stan Heaton’s Sydney practice to consolidate Stan’s country clients with his own. 

In 1978 David Crowe joined J & J Broad. He later became an equal partner with Jim and John in 1981 and the trading name was changed to J & J Broad & Co. With continuing success this new partnership purchased Evans & Englert’s accountancy firm at West Wyalong in 1984 which practiced from the old Rural Bank building at 110 Main Street. Jim retired when the Auswild & Broad firms merged.


Partnership Changes

The newly merged Auswild & Broad traded for a number of years with a backdrop of many changes including the introduction of GST and a host of other new legislative measures. 

Greg left the business in 2006 to start his own practice, and David sold his interest in the business in 2008 although remained with us as an employee and consultant until his retirement in 2014. In 2010 the Financial Planning division that had been built up was separated from the accountancy practice and is now owned and operated by Andrew in his own right. 

In 2013, Michelle Rayner became a partner and today Peter and Michelle work closely together as the two directors of Auswild & Broad Pty Ltd. 

Having worked with a diverse range of people over the years, there are some in particular Peter would like to pay tribute to:

Over the ye​ars there have been significant contributions made by a number of people that have all been involved with us in some capacity. Without such people we could not have lasted over 90 years in business and therefore I would like to thank them for their past efforts. The following people deserve special mention: Sir James Auswild, Shaun Brady, Leo Leaghy, Ron Auswild, Peter Crouch, Noel Goode, Rob McCrone, Tom Preston, Neil Martin, Geoff Martin, Gordon McCoy, Jack Broad, Jim Broad , David Crowe and Michael Gilchrist.

Peter George, Director

Moving Forward

Auswild & Broad Pty Ltd now process over 2000 tax returns per year and employ approximately 25 staff. The variety of work undertaken has rapidly diversified over the years and technology plays a critical part in the way we deliver our services to our clients.

From what was once purely tax related matters, work has moved more towards management and consultancy services. There is now a much greater need for liaison with government agencies such as ATO and Centrelink. Banks have assumed a very different role in business; and budgeting cashflows, and business plans which were virtually non existent previously, are now part of our daily routines.

Peter George, Director

We look now to a very different business landscape, towards embracing new ways of communication including social media and online solutions. Cloud computing, paperless office, energy efficiency and sustainability are the new challenges we face along with changing client and staff demographics. We will meet these challenges with the same sound business ethics, a strong dedication to our clients, commitment to our staff and interest in our community’s welfare. We look forward to the future with confidence and enthusiasm as we utilise modern technology, hard fought experience and solid business ethics.