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Business Development

Business plans, coaching, business valuations, benchmarking and growth strategies.

Great businesses don’t happen by accident. It takes skill, innovation, hard work and planning to build a successful business and even more to maintain and grow that business over time. Growth in particular is very difficult to achieve, especially in the current economic climate coming off the back of a ten year drought and the uncertainty residing from the global financial crisis. 

Business is hard, there is no denying that. In small country towns with the families we see, it is tough to run your own business, it is stressful and the financial rewards are not always consistent. But with adversity comes opportunity and nothing will change if everything stays the same. So, at Auswild & Broad, we are very passionate about helping our clients to really develop their business, achieve their goals and to gain more satisfaction and more wealth. 

We can meet with you regularly, generating ideas, bringing out possibilities and help you to develop strategies and tools to implement these. For many of our entrepreneurial clients we act as the sounding board for future plans, fine tuning ideas and providing a reality check to identify any potential flaws.

We can help you to prepare a business plan to identify and explore in depth issues, or a One Page Plan to drill down on more immediate goals and provide clear direction and targeted areas to focus on. Benchmarking is a valuable exercise which can show you how your results compare to others in the same industry, looking at key performance indicators and measures unique to your industry. This can also provide a roadmap on where to focus to improve profitability. 

The reality is that there have been thousands of books, journals and articles written on business management and coaching. The amount of information out there on this topic is overwhelming. Where we can help you is to draw on our own extensive readings, our years of experience from within your town and your industry, and our intimate knowledge of you, your family and your business, and harness this together to add real value to your business.